About Us

Who We Are

The Loyola Stands Against Gun Violence committee is a multi-departmental, multi-disciplinary committee which holds representation from Loyola Medicine and Loyola University Chicago. The committee formed in 2017 after the Emergency Department and chaplains in the Spiritual Care and Education Department began to collaborate to support patients and family members affected by gun violence. Loyola Stands meets monthly to share, discuss, and lead Hospital and University initiatives, community events, policy developments and action items, prayer services for mass shootings, and the organization of conferences and educational activities.

Key initiatives run by members of Loyola Stands include: Stop the Bleed trainings, AmeriCorps partnership for Certified Nurse’s Assistant program, Community Paramedicine program in collaboration with Hillside Fire Department, Mother’s Dawn gatherings for mothers and family members who have lost loved ones to violence, ongoing data analysis and academic presentations on the scope of gun violence in the Loyola catchment area, Community Grand Rounds on community-identified topics, and a regional network collaboration to explore the feasibility of a community-based Trauma Recovery Center model.

Where Do We Stand?

Our Jesuit values compel our stance on the issue of firearm use in America, even down to the choice we made in the name: TAKE A STAND AGAINST GUN VIOLENCE. Because we believe that every life is a gift from God, imbued with God-given dignity, we believe that standing against gun violence is standing for human life and is an act of reverence for that gift.

Rampant gun violence is a uniquely American phenomenon amongst western nations. As a committee of healthcare and academic professionals, we all recognize how this neglected emergency eats away at the cohesive fabric of our community, one gunshot victim at a time. Yet sadly, in our polarized political environment, policy makers have yet to summon the political will to enact corrective regulatory controls. In response, we are exercising our democratic rights to advocate for sensible change.


We intend to use this website to inform and inspire lawmakers and the community to recognize that the under-regulated proliferation of firearms in our nation has led to a public health epidemic. This epidemic inflicts a toll of carnage and psychological trauma upon all communities, disproportionately upon the poor and in communities of color, of which, Maywood, Illinois, is comprised.


As an interdisciplinary group of educators, healthcare professionals, and students, we serve together as a compassionate and transforming healing presence within our communities.


As a mission-driven collaboration of anti-gun violence advocates, we will become leaders in improving the health of our community by making it a safer places to live. We will become trusted leaders in our community.

Core Values

We honor the sacredness and dignity of every person.

Commitment to Those Who are Poor
We stand with and serve those who are poor, especially those most vulnerable.

We foster right relationships to promote the common good, including sustainability of Earth.

We honor our heritage and hold ourselves accountable for the human, financial and natural resources entrusted to our care.

We are faithful to who we say we are.

We embrace a culture that prevents harm and nurtures a healing, safe environment for all.